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About the Lab



About the Lab


Lesley Science and Science Education faculty have collaboratively designed an authentic, hands-on STEAM (Science Technology, Engineering Arts and Math) opportunity for children in grades K-6. Faculty and Lesley graduate and undergraduate student interns will develop and teach interdisciplinary, cross-curricular STEAM activities that explore complex scientific phenomena and systems. Activities will take advantage of lab facilities, urban greenspace, and faculty expertise.

Wonder Lab FAQ

Wonder Lab FAQ



What happens each day? Children have time to relax, play, make new friends, explore outside, engage in hands-on STEAM activities, learn from and with their peers as well as Lesley students, and follow and develop their own STEAM interests. The program is based on integrated monthly topics that build across the semester. Program implementation is designed to support the interests of each child, and the group, and activities will change or be modified accordingly.

Can I add or drop days once the semester begins? In order to manage enrollments and allow all who are interested to participate, it is important to contact us to arrange for any scheduling changes at least one month in advance. If your schedule changes and you must withdraw from the program, you will be refunded all but your $100 deposit.

What happens if my child misses a day due to illness? Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds for sick days. Extended illness will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Can I pick my child up early? While our program is very flexible, the children are often involved in activities until 6pm. Children will also have opportunities to work one-on-one and in small groups with Lesley Education students . Since these activities change from week to week, it is important for us to know if your child will be present for an entire session. I f your child is absent or you need to drop off late or pick up early, contact us with details as soon as you know which will help us plan the day accordingly.

Is food provided? No. Please send your child with hearty snacks. The classroom is not a nut-free environment as we often collect and explore seeds and nuts as part of the science and research. Please let us know if you do not want your child to share snacks with others.

Holiday’s, Early Release, Professional Development and No School days: WonderLab will not run February and April school vacation weeks. WonderLab will not meet children at the bus stop or Kennedy school on early release or professional development days. If Lesley is closed for inclement weather, you will be notified. If your school system closes or releases early due to inclement weather, please notify us.

How do I reach you if I am late for drop off or pick up? The faculty and staff in charge that day will check WonderLabSTEAM@gmail.com before and after the program. Pick-up is at 6:00 PM. You will be charged $1/minute up to 6:15 and an additional $25 in 15 minute increments after 6:45.

Is there transportation to WonderLab?
Children may be dropped off and picked up at the classroom on the second floor of University Hall. We can arrange to meet and chaperone children on the ten minute walk to Lesley from a designated Cambridge public school bus stop or at a Somerville location, except on early release or professional development days.

What is the $100 deposit for? We must receive a $100 deposit per child to confirm your registration. The deposit is deducted from full term payments or applied to the last month (June) for the monthly payment plan.

Billing: There are two billing options, full term @ $25/day ($500.00) due in two installments Jan 17 and April 1, or Monthly @ $30/day ($600 total) due on the first day of each month.

What is the staff/faculty to student ratio, and who are the Wonder Lab teachers?
Ratios will be approximately 3 educators for every 12 children. Faculty members regularly work with WonderLab. Lesley graduate and undergraduate students majoring in STEAM disciplines are supervised by faculty and will develop and teach programs. Lesley graduate students work with children on field-based assignments.

Research: WonderLab is a research-based program. Your children will work with science and science education researchers each week. We are in the process of developing a study that will document the long-term educational impacts and outcomes of this program. We encourage your involvement in this process. Once the term begins, we will send out an invite for you to join discussions on developing the science and science education research.


Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Lesley Faculty

Dr. Susan Rauchwerk  Associate Professor in Science Education

Dr. Susan Rauchwerk
Associate Professor in Science Education

Dr. Amy Mertl  Assistant Professor in Animal Behavior

Dr. Amy Mertl
Assistant Professor in Animal Behavior

Dr. Nicole Weber  Associate Professor in Science Education

Dr. Nicole Weber
Associate Professor in Science Education

Laura Kathrein, M.Ed.  Assistant Director of WonderLab STEAM

Laura Kathrein, M.Ed.
Assistant Director of WonderLab STEAM