WonderLab Spring 2018

 Fall 2017 afterschool class on a field trip to Mount Auburn Cemetery. Students engaged in a pond study and macroinvertabrate hunt at Halcyon Lake.

Fall 2017 afterschool class on a field trip to Mount Auburn Cemetery. Students engaged in a pond study and macroinvertabrate hunt at Halcyon Lake.


Registration is Closed - Fall Registration Opens June 2018

Who: Children grades 1-6 / ages 6-12
When: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday January 22 - June 14, 3- 6 PM (limit 1 day/week)
Where: Lesley university, University Hall, 1815 Massachusetts Ave, room 2-124
Fee: $25/day full term, $30/day monthly. Walking Bus pick up add $5/day 

Learn from and with University scientists and students, spend time in the labs, technology-rich environments, studios, and urban greenspace. Enjoy hands-on investigations into the ecology of local plants and animals. Study a diversity city habitats including neighborhoods, parks, playgrounds and preserves. Explore the form, function and design of urban landscapes. Design your own experiment. Activities include outdoor explorations, engineering, construction,  and maker-space technology. Arts are integrated across the program through drawing, acting, dance, photography, and digital film.  Enjoy a relaxed and playful academic atmosphere. For more programmatic info and FAQ's, head to the "About" page.

Below is a PRELIMINARY REGISTRATION link. Filling the form serves as submission of interest. Once we receive your preliminary interest we will be in contact within a week by email confirming your child(s) day and a more detailed form, necessary paperwork, and billing information.

Girls Math Circle


Who: Identifying female children grades 1-6 / ages 6-12
When: January 26 - May 11 (no meeting 3/16), Fridays from 3:30 - 5:00 PM
Where: Room 2-141, Lesley University Hall, 1815 Massachusetts Ave
Fee: $20/session (billing monthly), $15/session (billed once - total $225)

At Math Circle, we will talk about exciting topics that don’t get covered in the classroom. We will explore math through playing games and discussing what you’ve learned. You will challenge yourself while discovering patterns, learning math-based strategies, and discovering why math works and not just the procedure to solve a problem. Math Circle meets on Fridays between January 26th and May 11th at Lesley University with instructor Kate Hendrix, a current mathematics faculty member at Lesley University.

This form allows you to register and fill out the necessary information for your child in Wonder Lab Math Circle program in Spring 2018.  You must fill out a different form for each child.

Once you complete the form, please send in a $50/child deposit to confirm your space within 10 business days. Mail checks to Lesley University – Wonderlab, Room 2-008, 1815 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge MA 02138




Preschool Program


Registration Open!

WonderLab Preschool is an opportunity to engage early childhood learners in authentic, hands-on STEAM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) and develop curiosity for environmental science using on-site lab facilities, urban greenspace, and faculty expertise.

Who: Children ages 3-5

Tuesdays 9am-noon, April 3rd - May 29 (not April 17) at Lesley University WonderLab 1815 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

In this unique university setting, our youngest learners will use real scientific tools and the creative arts to investigate Light and Shadow.
Fee: $350

Wednesdays, 9am-noon, April 4th-May 30th (not April 18) at
Mt. Auburn Cemetery, 580 Mt Auburn St. Cambridge MA

In this beautiful landscape rich with plants and animals, young researchers will deepen their innate wonder for the world as we explore Stillness and Movement in nature.
Fee: $350